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Pro Stylist Discounts

Gather around artists! Make way for the SOREAL Pro Artists program, specially designed for makeup artists, salon professionals, agencies, session stylists, and cosmetology students!

This program is specially designed with you in mind. We have a special discount program for all your SOREAL needs. This allows you to get special savings so that you can readily provide your best services to your clients on-demand! This privileged service includes our top brand most desired products, promotions, newsletters, and special insights only provided to our Pro-Artists. This also includes Free Shipping on All orders

over $200. What are you waiting for Sign-Up Today!

SOREAL provides you the absolute best luxury hair extensions and lashes on the planet! SOREAL only uses real 100% Human Hair from donors, none of that cheap synthetic or mixed hair. Nothing but the best for you and your clients! We are so excited for you to be here!

You are going to Love your SOREAL products!

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