Natural Platinum Ash Blonde (#NB) Clip-in Hair Extensions


  • 100% human hair
  • Invisible Seamless Clip In
  • Best quality guaranteed
  • 3 months warranty
  • 16” – 120 gm
  • 18” – 150 gm
Natural Platinum Ash Blonde (#NB) Hair Extensions
Natural Platinum Ash Blonde (#NB) Clip-in Hair Extensions $140.00$250.00

Natural Platinum Ash Blonde (#NB) Clip-in Hair Extensions

The “Natural Platinum Ash Blonde (#NB) Clip-In Hair Extensions” are perfect for adding a bright and stylish blonde look to your hair. They’re made with 100% real human hair, blending in smoothly for a natural appearance. These extensions are super easy to clip in, so you can have longer and fuller hair in just a few minutes. The cool platinum ash blonde shade is great for anyone wanting to lighten their look with a chic touch. Ready to wear right out of the box, they’re ideal for a quick hairstyle boost for any occasion.

How To Use Natural Platinum Ash Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions

Step 1: Begin at the Base

Start by sectioning your hair from the bottom. Use a tail comb to create a horizontal part across the lower back of your head, from one ear to the other. For lower placement, adjust the parting accordingly.

Step 2: Create Your Working Area

From the bottom up, section your hair where you plan to apply the first weft. A tail comb or fingers can help achieve a precise line.

Step 3: Secure Your Hair

Gather and clip the unsectioned hair atop your head to clear the workspace for your extensions.

Step 4: Weft Preparation

Select the initial weft from your ‘So Real Hair Extensions’ set, ensuring it’s wide enough to cover the back of your hairline. Open all its clips to ready it for attachment.

Step 5: First Weft Attachment

Place the first, wider weft below your initial parting, attaching the center clip first, then the sides. Ensure clips grip your hair, not the scalp.

Step 6: Layer and Section

Release the clipped hair and part another section above the first weft, maintaining a half-inch gap. Secure the top hair again.

Step 7: Apply Additional Wefts

Following the same method, attach the remaining wefts with new partings above each extension.

Step 8: Ensure a Seamless Fit

Feel along each weft to confirm it sits flush with your scalp. Adjust any wefts as needed to eliminate gaps.

Step 9: Frame Your Face

Attach the side pieces around your face, blending them with your natural hair for a cohesive look.

Step 10: Extension Removal

To remove, open all clips before gently lifting the wefts from your hair, starting from the bottom up.

This guide provides a comprehensive approach to applying ‘So Real Natural Platinum Ash Blonde Clip-In Hair Extensions,’ ensuring a natural and secure fit.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
SIZE: No selection

16'', 18''

SELECT PIECES: No selection

2 Piece, 3 Piece


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