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Skin Weft Tape In Hair Extensions #1B (Jet Black/Darkest Brown)


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  • #1001 (Platinum Blond)
    #60 (Light Blonde)
    #613 (Beach Blonde)
    #18/613 (Ash Blonde/Beach Blonde)
    #12/60 (Light/Ash Blonde)
    #10 (Medium Gold Blonde)
    #8/613 (Medium Ash/Beach Blonde
    #8 (Light Ash Brown)
    #6/27 (Medium Chestnut/Medium Blonde)
    #6/10 (Chestnut/Medium Gold Blonde)
    #6 (Medium Chestnut Brown)
    #4 (Dark Chestnut Brown)
    #3 (Dark Ash Brown)
    #2 (Darkest Brown)
    #1B (Jet Black/Darkest Brown)
    #1 (Jet Black)
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Ideal for long-term wear, our skin weft extensions are lightweight and blend with your natural hair. These extensions give the illusion of the hair growing directly from your scalp. The hair lays flat for a natural look and is ideal for disguising damaged hair.

Care Instructions:

We recommend that our extensions are installed and removed by a licensed professional. they are not suitable for individual installation. You should avoid using oil products at the roots and brush the extension 2-3 times a day to prevent tangling. Avoid sleeping with damp hair.

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