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Some Common Question About Hair Extensions

Some Common Question About Hair Extensions

Can I straighten my curly SOREAL hair extensions?

Yes! It’s super easy! We recommend lightly washing your SOREAL extensions first. Then you want to apply a heat protectant product. Next, lightly blow dry the extensions with a comb. Make sure your blow dryer is on cool. Once your extensions are dry, begin straightening your extensions–make sure you are using the straightener on the lowest setting possible.

Can I swim with my SOREAL hair extensions?

Don’t be afraid to take a dip in the water. Your SOREAL hair extensions are secured even when wet.

Can I wear my SOREAL hair extensions to the airport?

Of course! SOREAL hair extensions do not contain metal accessories that can cause metal detectors to sound in airport security.

Can I use normal shampoo on my SOREAL hair extensions?

Yes! For the best care, we recommend using sulfate-free shampoo.

Will my SOREAL hair extensions cause baldness?

No! We provide detailed instructions to assist with properly installing your hair extensions comfortably and thoroughly.

Are SOREAL hair extensions bad for your hair?

Our extensions will assist in enhancing your hair’s natural looks while not putting strain on the scalp.

Do SOREAL hair extensions cover bald patches?

Yes! SOREAL hair extensions are designed to add volume, length, and/or assist in covering bald spots.

Can I dye SOREAL black hair extensions blonde or any color?

Yes! SOREAL hair extensions are 100% human hair. You can style or dye them any color. For bold hair color changes, such as dyeing black hair blond, we recommend professional assistance for the best results.

Can I use hairspray or other products on SOREAL hair extensions?

SOREAL hair extensions are 100% human hair! You can use any hair product, including hair spray, to achieve your desired look.

How long does it take to remove SOREAL hair extensions?

If you use our SOREAL clip-ins, removal can be completed in seconds. If your SOREAL extensions were installed by a professional, we recommend you allow the stylist to remove them.

How to sleep comfortably with my SOREAL hair extensions

One of the pros of using tape-in SOREAL extensions are their soft and thin tape. This makes sleeping easy and comfortable. Check out our blog for pointers on how to care for your SOREAL extensions while you sleep.

How many rows of SOREAL hair extensions do I need?

The thickness of SOREAL hair extensions will give you the fullness desired with just one package. If longer lengths are trying to be achieved, an additional package may be necessary.

Are SOREAL hair extensions heavy?

Not at all! SOREAL hair extensions are comfortable and lightweight. You won’t even know they’re on!

What is the best type of shampoo recommended for my SOREAL tape-in hair extensions?

We recommend you use sulfate-free shampoo.

Can I blow dry my SOREAL hair extensions?

The answer is YES! We recommend blow drying your hair extensions at a low heat setting.

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